The Vitruvian Man, a pen and ink drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, depicts a man fitting his body to a circle and a square by adjusting the position of his arms and legs and is probably the most famous drawing in the world. Vitruvius was an ancient Roman architect who wrote a series of ten books on architecture, one of the few collections of books of its type that survived into the Renaissance. In the third volume, which is on the proportions of temples, he states that these buildings should be based on the proportions of man, because the human body is the model of perfection, stating that the human body with arms and legs extended fits into the perfect geometric forms, the circle, and the square.

Not only was Leonardo an artist, a philosopher, and an inventor, but also an anatomist - one of the first to dissect and map the human body. This Universal Man represents the beauty, complexity, and symmetry of the human frame. It also represents da Vinciís passion for Art, Science, and the Philosophy of the medical field. It is for these reasons that I have chosen his art work - the embodiment of health for man and woman - as my logo.


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Hereís the thing: It isnít always easy to find a medical writer who is an exceptional writer yet has an extensive medical/scientific background. Those with medical degrees are not always effective writers, and those with scientific backgrounds are not necessarily expert at converting their knowledge into succinct and understandable language suitable for patients, consumers, or sales representatives.

Thatís where Iím different. I have been a laboratory technician and a paramedic. I have education and experience as a physicianís assistant. I have a degree in English/technical writing with a minor in biology, and to top it off, I have a Masterís degree in creative writing. I have been able to combine my two greatest passions: medicine and writing.

This unique combination of education and experience has enabled me to develop an outstanding set of skills to write clear, concise, and compelling information for all medical and lay audiences and to use creativity where appropriate (i.e. graphics, sales training materials, patient information).

Please feel free to visit my Samples page where I have included a variety of documents for different audiences to demonstrate my diversity. Email me if there are other samples you would like to see.

Thank you for visiting my web site. -DLT